Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to the Laughing Horse Blog.

This is a blog for the Laughing Horse Books and Video Collective. We are a All Volunteer Lead and Run Bookstore. We have a meeting space available for like minded groups to either rent out or use free of charge. There are 2 public access terminals(computers-the public can use for free) running and testing free, open source software, (Ubuntu-Linux), we also send out a Free, Open Wi-Fi signal, so you can bring your own Wi-Fi ready device and surf away. We do enforce a "Safer Space" policy, and expect those who enter the bookstore to work with us on keeping the place a "safer space" to come to, if you have questions about it, please ask the volunteer staffing the shift at the bookstore. So come on down, you might wanna call first, and make sure someones there to let you in. Since we are all volunteers, we are not always able to fill all-shifts, for the whole shift. Thanks for your understanding. Mike-d.(part of the Laughing Horse Collective).

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