Thursday, May 5, 2011 -There sending us some free stickers to give out.


I ordered some free stickers from:
So come on down to Laughing Horse in a bit- and pick some up, the're free when we get them. That's part of the deal we made.


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  2. Mike Dee is misrepresenting the situation with Laughing Horse Books. The collective has decided that there will NOT be a Food Not Bombs served from the bookstore, since we do not believe we will be able to keep our doors open past the end of June, 2011. Mike Dee does not speak with the authorization of Laughing Horse Books.

  3. O.K. "Anonymous", "I-Mike Dee" do not agree with your comment(s) that you posted here. First, "the situation", we are having a "20% off" all "New Books" sale. Second, "the collective has "not" "decided" "against" a "Food Not Bombs" serving, that they reached a "consensus" on months ago. Third, "your", "belief" that "we", "do not believe "we" will be able to keep "our" doors open past the end of June, 2011". "I-Mike Dee" do not believe that. Fourth, Are you ? speaking/or do you "speak with the authorization of Laughing Horse Books". - "I" do not think "we", asked "you" to speak on this point. (or at all-on any point-as far as I recall, but how would "I" know, you posted as "Anonymous"-"I" can say that in my year & a half of involvement, I do not recall the Laughing Horse Books and Video Collective-ever accepting "Anonymous" as the Spokeperson, Public Information Officer, or P.R.-type for "our" collective). Thank you for your input, and people try to focus on the "positive" of our Bookstore, instead of the "negative" through "Co-Intel-Tell-Pro" Type comments, and posting publicly, the internal alleged "beliefs" of "our" Collective.

  4. I moved out of portland a few years ago, and see that LH Books is no longer on 37th in Division? When did that happen?

    --J. Claudius Cloyd